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the second thing SWERY retweeted after tweeting the updates on D4 was a pic of a bottle of tequila next to the demo screen of D4. God Bless

eyyyyyy, SWERY’s liver hasn’t given out yet (knock on wood), and he’s brought a new trailer for D4, the reaction-rhythm-QTE-mystery game for Kinect!

it looks weird as shit. I’m down. bring on the nonsensical dialog and music.


DD ;—————————————————-;

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D.D. trailer with subtitles

Something horrible is going to happen to him and everyone is going to sob buckets. Just you watch.

I can’t wait to get Hewie 2.0

the-guvnah asked: You try clearcoating Pretty Zulu?

Yep, it’s got two coats on! I might have to give it another coat, since I did heavily paint and decal it. I’ll let it cure a bit more before I blast it with gloss topcoat again.