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a quick Terry Bogard coz i’ll never not wanna draw Terry Bogard


a quick Terry Bogard coz i’ll never not wanna draw Terry Bogard



stop having an anime superiority complex u dbags seriously

just because someone really enjoys snk or free, or that basketball anime doesnt make their taste any less valid than yours just because you like old anime with shitty shonen animation

"don’t judge my taste in anime, your preferences aren’t better than mine" ok I get that, from now on I’ll- "besides your anime is old and the animation sucks, CLEARLY my anime is better anyhow"


oh my god, it’s every dumb internet argument about anime I’ve been in, ever



Yo! So I reserved a room over at the De Anza hotel which is a 10 minute walk away from Fanime (I checked on google maps) but here is the deal. Long story short, my friends who I’m rooming with got a room at the Fairmont (I don’t know how) and this room I got is non-refundable, so I would be MORE than happy to take some people in! I can fit a max of like 5-9 people in here, so if you’re as desperate for a room as I am desperate to make this money back, please please send me an ask! I don’t care if you’re straight laced or a baller, I’m willing to give you a spot.

Also if you know anyone going to Fanime PLEASE signal boost! Thank you!

I’m good on the room sich but if you know me and you need a place…

also a big warning ahead of time, Fanime’s basically told everyone that Linecon 2014 will happen again this year. Be prepared.


…. Filthy acts, at a reasonable price….
I can’t laugh that hard anymore :(

most of jjba fandom is screaming in rage over the namechanges but lemme tell you that all of them are wrong because they’re solid gold


…. Filthy acts, at a reasonable price….

I can’t laugh that hard anymore :(

most of jjba fandom is screaming in rage over the namechanges but lemme tell you that all of them are wrong because they’re solid gold

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What we lost when we lost arcades


Got back from NCR late Sunday, after a good long solo drive thinkin’ session. NCR was great; met a lot of cool people and had a good time playing some Street Fighter, which is something I actually haven’t done at a tournament in a while. And all that Street Fighter-playing got me thinking about a few things that have changed as the arcade no longer became the central space of interaction for fighting game communities.

Public, open access

One of the things I really like about SoCal is that Super Arcade is here. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to get to, but it’s a public place of business that I can go and play fighting games with other people, and that’s rad.

I wasn’t nearly as active in NorCal Street Fighter over the last few years, because once Southtown closed, there weren’t many openly accessible venues for fighting games; you had to know people or check the forums or memorize a bunch of complicated schedules and travel all over the place. It’s fragmented, basically, and while I wasn’t terribly involved, I definitely got the feeling it was a bit exclusive at times. Which is perfectly natural, if most of your games take place in someone’s house and not a public venue.

I like arcades. I like not feeling like I’m imposing on someone, or having to ask specific permission to come over. I like that anyone can just walk inside an arcade and get into fighting games. A good arcade feels like a good boxing gym; it’s dark and it smells bad and the A/C probably broke, but all that feels homey and familiar and reminds you of all the work you put in. (I can still close my eyes and smell the BEARcade.)

Multi-game literacy

I had a blast watching the Final Boss tournament at NCR — it was an 8-man single-elim bracket full of OGs, and the rules were that for each match one of the participants would have to draw the name of a game of a hat (out of ST, CVS2, 3S, and…maybe SF4? I don’t remember).

People are consistently impressed by Justin Wong’s cross-game skill, and for good reason — it’s impressive! But there used to be a lot of crossover between fighting games and far fewer “specialists”, because if you went to the arcade and no one was playing the game you wanted to play, you had to choose between beating up the CPU forever or playing whatever other people were playing. You’d have at least one character/team in your pocket for any given game, just to make sure you weren’t doomed to spending the next two hours practicing combos or playing Metal Slug. I was a “CVS2 player”, but I still competed in tournaments for 3s, MVC2, ST, and GGXX and knew those games reasonably well.

Now most games have decent online netplay, a moderate amount of video content, and some kind of online community to keep you learning and playing even if you don’t have a local player community. You can make yourself a pretty decent player even if you don’t get out much — and perhaps more importantly, you can focus all the time you budget for fighting games on one specific game, instead of learning the basics for 4 games just so you always have someone to play. It’s a tradeoff, really — one that’s probably best for our skill development, but kind of sad, too.

Everyone plays everyone

When you’re at an arcade, it doesn’t matter how godlike you are; you’re at the machine like anyone else, looking for people to play, and if you lose, you go to the end of the line. But when you’re sitting at a console setup trading games with another top player, it’s easy for lesser mortals (including myself) to feel intimidated at the prospect of interrupting two top players to say “Yo, lemme get next”.

I’ve lost countless games to Ricky Ortiz just because he happened to be hanging out at the BEARcade. But when I’m playing on consoles, I find that I’m plenty intimidated at the prospect of lining up at the setup where all the sharks are playing. It’s more…personal, somehow. I guess this is something I’m personally working on myself — just working on the willingness to say “Fuck it, lemme get in this” and get blown up.

Also, there’s something about a console setup that just makes it easier to ask for exceptions, like insisting you’re playing a first-to-five set or demanding a salty runback or starting the “real” set the moment someone says “I got next”. If you do that at an arcade machine, you are unambiguously a dick and it better be god damn worth it. Honestly, maybe it’s just the quarter system at work — if we used quarters up to keep place with console setups, or even a waiting list, I’d feel way more comfortable about getting in on casuals with the best of the best.

Things to think about, I suppose.

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RIP Southtown, you will be always, always missed

over in my neck of the woods in Nor Cal we have the retro 80s arcade High Scores, which is not really fighter-friendly BUT it does have the Japanese tournament edition of Street Fighter II, MKII, and Tekken 3! 

I do miss sitting down with a whole bunch of people and playing SFIVAE/Chaos Code, though

Kurosaki Ranmaru (C.V. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

—WILD SOUL (sample song)


Sample song of WILD SOUL!!

I think I might like this song than the first one. Help I don’t think I could survive once the full version’s out. (* >ω<)

i like how Ranmaru’s whole character arc is “I WANT TO RID MYSELF OF MY VISUAL-KEI PAST I’M SO ANGRY AT MY FORMER VEEKAY SELF” and all of his songs sound like vkei

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