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Sano Gaku Today… or, umm, Kubota Yuki Yesterday… where Gaku and Yuki talk about… something… but I am way too busy laughing hysterically at Yutaka pretending to play with his hair in a mirror the entire time to care.

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Finding it hard to enjoy Gaim…




A while back, I made a post asking why people don’t like Kamen Rider Gaim, and after reading those replies and continuing to watch it, I’m starting to see those reasons and I feel bad for it. It also doesn’t help that going on the tag, there’s really just so much negativity for the show and not a lot of positive things. I mean, I can see those flaws and complaints too, and that’s the worst part. It’s becoming so hard to recommend this show to someone, even though I like it so much, and yet it doesn’t seem to be well-liked. But I don’t know…does anyone still like it, even now?

Oh, I definitely love it. I’m just tuning out the negativity; that’s other people’s opinion, not mine. :D As long as they’re not trying to get me to stop watching, I’m sure not trying to get them to love it. People enjoy different things. So many rank W as one of their favorite Rider shows, for example, and it’s one of my least favorites. Not saying that I think it’s bad, but it never grabbed me. That’s all. :D

I love Gaim also. I still think it’s on track to become one of my very favorite Rider series (although not more so than Ryuki!).

I agree about W. There were things about it I liked, some I didn’t, I never finished it (although I do plan to try again someday). And after an episode, I decided Fourze wasn’t for me. That’s just how it goes. But I also don’t feel the need to be loudly negative about things I don’t like.

Agreed! W’s one of those weird shows where I love all the characters but couldn’t end up finishing the show, because I felt like it couldn’t pull itself together/figure out what it wanted to do tonewise or storywise. I was told that it gets really good towards the last few episodes, but I could not just stick it out all the way past the 40s to get there. On the other hand, W’s characters are fantastic in the crossover movies, probably because it’s clearer what they have to do in them. I have the same opinion about Wizard, too.

Gaim I feel isn’t as strong storywise as, say, Agito or Black, but it’s got some very solid fight choreo and a lot of neat things. I’d say it’s on par with Kabuto, because that’s also a fairly fun action-y show with likeable characters that occasionally trips and stumbles over its own writing (but not too much.)

Sugita:Hello everyone! I’m the voice actor for Kivat III, Sugita Tomokazu. I’m just a grown up who can’t forget about his fantasies and still plays with toys like this. To the kids watching, please, just ignore this low-voiced ossan talking here.

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Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai Mini Making


Please notice us, Showa Rider-senpai

there it is, the plot of Heisei VS Showa


Please notice us, Showa Rider-senpai

there it is, the plot of Heisei VS Showa

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