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speaking of GoBusters guess what I watched yesterday

I missed you, robot beetle wife

Some of the kids I work with watch sentai because they’ve got family in Japan or are part Japanese/Hapa

and unlike the majority of Western Toku fandom, their favorite season right now seems to be Go-Busters!

This season was flawed and suffered from being rebooted right in the middle but it’s one of my favorites as well.

posting this here so that escranesque and I can die in the Otaqueen garbage dumpster corner, 2014 style

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R.I.P Machiko Soga (1938-2006). Tokusatsu villain specialist

Denjiman (1980) : Queen Hedorian

Sun Vulcan (1981) : Queen Hedorian

Spielvan (1986) : Queen Pandora

Jiraiya (1988) : Yonin Kumo Gozen

Zyuranger (1992) : Witch Bandora (also in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Rita Repulsa)

She was and still is the best Tokusatsuu villain we’ve ever been able to have.

A True Awesome Asian Bad Guy!

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