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Haruka (YellowMask) and Momoko (PinkMask)
from Hikari Sentai Maskman!

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I debuted my Gokai Red suit at the Central California Cosplay Gathering. It was a small gathering, but had some good times with friends. Some kids saw me and asked to take a picture with me. I happily obliged and let them hold my weapons for the shoot.

First four pictures are courtesy of Toshiyasu Morita.

holy shit ashton please bring that to PMC

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corey-45 asked: What do you think Big Hero 6 would have been like if it had been created by Japanese people?





In all seriousness, a superhero team made up of Japanese people, designed by Japanese people, made for Japanese people, would incorporate the themes and visual language that would appeal to and speak to them.

There’d probably be less of an emphasis of WE ARE SO VERY JAPANESE (well, except for maybe Battle Japan over there) and more of an emphasis on WE ARE HEROES—just like how regular ol’ whitebread American superheroes are. 

FYI, Battle Fever J (the last picture there) was a Toei/Marvel coproduction back in the 70s—it was originally supposed to be a Miss Marvel adaptation, but then was changed so that there was an entire team of heroes (more toys to sell!).


Yumeria Moegi (Akiba Yellow) ✨ Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

ALICE AND THE PIRATES Milky Rail Train Clock Silk Hat in Black

ALICE AND THE PIRATES Mad Tea Party Vest and Pants in Grey/Yellow

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What are you two doing is Gaim???

…did they sneak onto the Toei backlot again GODDAMMIT MAGIRANGER/GO-BUSTERS/FAIZE/SHINKENGER IS OVER

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How did you all discover Kamen Rider? For myself, I became aware of it when it was announced that Gackt – a Japanese pop artist I used to follow closely – would perform the opening theme for Kamen Rider Decade. I decided to check out Kiva after finishing the first episode of Decade, and I was hooked.

(I’ve come to believe that being an adult fan of Gackt is exponentially more embarrassing than an adult fan of tokusatsu.)

I discovered Kamen Rider when I was about 4 or 5 maybe 1993?, Kamen Rider Black was shown in my country dubbed as Masked Rider Black. No Kamen Rider shows where shown after Black until about 2003 where Masked Rider Ryuki was shown, also dubbed, followed by Faiz, Blade and Hibiki in 2006. Didn’t pay much attention to it until I came to Canada and started noticing more people watching tokusatsu when I started tumblr. I began watching Decade in 2011 during year of OOO.

1. Saban’s Masked Rider, circa 1993.

2. Finding fansubs of Kamen Rider Kuuga on TVN’s website in 2004.

Kamen Rider V3 was being shown on Hawai’s KIKU TV when I was living there, but I think I was aware of it in general before. I’m part Japanese, my super super small-kid-Tofu-Jr times bffs were Japanese, and so I ended up seeing a lot of animu and karate bugmen stuff without understanding a word of it.  I was more into Kikaida at the time.

When I was working in Hawaii about 7-8 years ago, I got back into KR again as Shinkenger had started up, and being the kendo nerd I was, I ended up watching it as it was broadcasting.

KR Decade was the show that it was paired with, and the kids I was helping teach were really into Den-O, so I ended up watching those a lot. KR Agito and various Showa KR seasons were also super popular in Hawaii, so afterwards I kind of just branched out from there.


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